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About Neeras

Neeras Design Studio – Chennai's first luxury, fully-equipped award winning interior design studio has a very distinctive autograph - bold lines, vibrant, well coordinated colours, perfectly finished work, down to the minutest detail. A strong work team and an excellent pool of resources and products ensure that your interiors are executed to a high quality standard.

It is lead by Dr. Sadhana Srinivasan who has more than two decades of experience behind her along with a strong team of professionals, having access to unparalleled resources and products.

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About CEO

Dr. Sadhana Srinivasan, who holds a Masters Degree in Architectural Interior Design (U.K.), DPE (USA) is the CEO and founder of Neeras Design Studio. Neeras Design Studio, was named in memory of Dr. Sadhana’s illustrious grand parents Smt Neela and Sri C.A. Ramakrishnan ICS (Retd) former Chief Secretary to the Govt of Tamilnadu.

A few years ago Dr. Sadhana Srinivasan who hails from a highly distinguished and reputed family of South India, began creating her own interiors, using her individualistic flair and sense of colour and style. Having a deep fascination for innovative designs and vibrant color coordination from a very young age, it helped her gain a strong foundation in the aesthetics of design. By the time she reached college, she seriously contemplated a career in design. She has more than two decades of experience in design and aesthetics.

With the successful completion of every project, her love and penchant for design kept growing. This love eventually led her to Inchbald school of Design in London which is the World's no.1 institute for interior design. It is no surprise that she completed her Post Graduation with a first class distinction.

With the blessings of her illustrious grand parents and tremendous support from her family and friends, she embarked on an amazing journey as a freelance designer and executed multiple projects with her close circle and their references of friends and relatives. On April 17, 2013 she founded Neeras Design Studio.

She has also been conferred an International Doctorate Degree from the World renowned European Continental University in Dubai on 24th April 2016. She holds the unique distinction of being the first lady in entire Asia to be conferred with a doctorate degree in interior design.

Today, Neeras Design Studio, under her leadership and a handpicked team of professionals, is a forerunner in the industry that brings world class design into the Indian Market. When Neeras is on the job you can expect on time delivery with ultimate precision.

"Now Dr. Sadhana brings her expertise and global exposure to the fore through Neeras Design Studio."

With all the leading newspapers and magazines covering the success story of Neeras, our CEO – Dr. Sadhana Srinivasan is a perfectionist who believes in a hands-on approach and supervises the entire project down to the minutest detail to give your space the fabulous finish it deserves.

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